1. Nemanja replied: “Hey there! The hard drive with all the videos was handed over to Pascal back in Nov 2017. We followed up a few times, and got a response that there is a huge backlog for the WPTV team – that’s why we haven’t seen the videos go online.

    I talked with Pascal. He said that Nemanja namesake, Nemanja Cimbaljevic, has received the harddisk last June and he planned to work on the videos.

    I contact Nemanja Cimbaljevic (nemanja):

    Yordan: “I’m a WordPress.tv moderator and I’m reaching you to know if you need help with the videos of WordCamp Belgrade 2017
    Nemanja: “Hey, thank you for your message. I have to check. I was doing more “complex” video editing, combining 2 cameras, separate audio and slides, so it took me a while and due to some family issues I put all that on hold. I will try to get those out in December and January 2020 in same was as few already published
    Yordan: “I understand. I will leave a note to the team to remember you in January 2020, are you agree?
    Nemanja: “For sure. Thank you for understanding

    Pending to remember in January 2020.

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