1. Christ replied:

    Chris:Hey Yordan. I do have the files from 2017 on Dropbox. I had started to combine them and compress them but wasn’t able to get them under 1GB if I recall correctly, and never went back to it so I never finished. This should be everything from 2017: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/slb2rgkkvv7eja1/AACA9AY0KIJat-l6dppzmEv4a?dl=0. I can share that folder with you as well if you have a Dropbox that you want to download them into but obviously the files are pretty big. A lot of the video was split into parts because the camera seemed to break the files up by time (or size) so most sessions are over two separate videos, which was another reason I was having trouble. But I can help identify which sessions are which if necessary.
    Yordan:Hi Chris. Thanks you. It would be great if you identify the videos to avoid mistakes. I’m sharing with the #wptv team the folder you send to me
    Chris:The problem is with the videos splitting talks over two files, it makes it more difficult to specify. The ones that I manually edited are labelled correctly, and the videos are divided into which room they took place in, so they correspond with the schedule: https://2017.slc.wordcamp.org/schedule/
    Yordan:I understand, can we analyze the files and contact you again later?
    Chris:Yep that would be excellent

    Please, take a look to this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/slb2rgkkvv7eja1/AACA9AY0KIJat-l6dppzmEv4a?dl=0

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