1. Brandon replied: “We were a small WordCamp with one track, so most of our videos are WordPress.tv. I was having a converstation previously with another person about two videos that I submitted that never were put on WordPress.tv, at first I thought it was because the presentations had been presented elsewhere and were on WordPress.tv for other WordCamps, but the other person said they would look into it and eventually I never heard back. If it helps my previous conversations were with Nisha Singh”
    Note: There is already five videos of WordCamp Peoria 2018. Please look if there are two more videos on queue.

  2. Brandon sent me more info about videos:
    Brandon: It looks like by this I had also previously discussed it over email:
    Brandon: I had two presentations not get posted, this answers for one, but the other was “Intro to Drupal (for WP Folks)” by David Needham. I was asking by email if both of them were not posted because they had already been presented at other WordCamps…This response appears to mean that is not the case, but do you have the submission for David, or should I resubmit both?
    nishasingh: Let me check.

    I then tried to follow up after awhile, and never heard back, then honestly I kind of forgot about it. Before this she had stated the one video had a Service Error: “Creating A WordPress Website That Works From The Start by Nile Flores”
    Yordan: I understand. I will personally check this and gives you and answer. If the video is already in moderation queue, I will ask for review it.
    Brandon: I had asked if there was anything special I needed to add as a note or anything if I resubmitted one or both.
    Yordan: I hope to have an answer on Monday. If for some reason, these videos have been lost, do you still have them?
    Brandon: I do still have the videos, yes

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