1. Abhishek replied:

    Abhishek: “Hi Yordan! Thanks for Reaching out. Last month we managed to get 2019 Videos Up. 2017 Was our first camp, we got a bad luck with Videographer. Videos are in pieces. 2017 WordCamp Ahmedabad Contributor day. Me @prathameshp and @Nirmal Desai sat together to figure out what best can be done with those. Outcome was to keep video in inset synced with Slides.” Will upload 2017 in coming months :)
    Yordan: “Hi Abhishek, do you need help with it? I can give you access to AWS S3, which I think is better for uploading the videos.
    Abhishek: “Once videos are ready. will get them for review. Uploading is not an issue, right now there are 4 wordcamps in plate in next 50 days. Will be hard juggling camps, works and those videos. Will try my best to get it done asap.
    Yordan: “Oh, thanks, do you also have the videos of 2018?
    Abhishek: “2018 we didn’t record videos due to low budget. we recorded audio’s. Will be syncing them to slides
    Yordan: “I got it, 2017 and 2018 videos will be slides with audios?”
    Abhishek: “2017 will be with Slide+ AV. 2018 will be with Slides + Audio”
    Yordan: “Perfect! Thanks Abhishek for taking care of this. Do you want me to remember you later or do I wait for your message?”
    Abhishek: “Thanks for reminding me. Its my duty to upload videos ASAP”

    Waiting for next contact.

    Note: Abhishek also organize WordCamp Nagpur 2017 edition.

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